The Guest House

The rest is history.

We’re proud to have completed the restoration of the 1750 homestead at 93 East Avenue – a property that is rich in history – to its original grandeur in 2013. According to historic records, in 1724 Samuel Grumman purchased the property at Grumman Hill, known as Rail Hill at the time. The first record of a house on the property is in Samuel Grumman’s will, in 1750, leaving it to his son Thomas Grumman and his wife Deborah (Deolf) Grumman. In 1779, following General Tryon’s orders to burn Norwalk, the house may have been partially or completely burned. Over the next hundred years, the property was the home to many noted Connecticut families, including the Buckingham-St. Johns, and the Bush and the Hoyt families. During the 20th century, the home was owned by the Nagys, the Eriksons, the Singewalds and the Wiegands. As a tribute to its long history, each suite in the newly renovated Guest House bears the name of its former owners.